Yale Anti-Gravity Society
Who We Are and What We Do

The Yale Anti-Gravity Society is a fun loving group of people that practice juggling and related skills. The activities of the Society fall into three basic categories:

First and foremost, we gather together because group juggling is intrinsically more enjoyable than individual juggling. In a group we learn new tricks and skills from one another, create close friendships with other jugglers, and have lots of fun.

Second, members of the Society perform community service by teaching kids how to juggle, and brightening people’s (the elderly, hospital bound, child, etc) days with the enjoyable distraction of juggling. YAGS also facilitates Yalie/New Havenite interaction by its association with Suspended Animation, the Hamden juggling club.

Last but not least is the performance aspect of the Society. YAGS has a monopoly on juggling talent at Yale and as such anyone interested in performances of this nature come to us. Performances range from the totally informal (at a college theme dinner) to fairly serious (in so much as juggling is serious) during our bi-annual shows.

When We Meet

We meet Thursdays 7-9pm and Sundays 1-3pm in the Berkeley Multi-Purpose Room. The calendar at the bottom of this website is updated with the upcoming meeting times, so look to that for the latest info. Or, if you want to be extra careful, e-mail Kaan Vural to double-check the time or sign up to be on our mailing list.

Joining YAGS

To join, first show up at a practice and start having fun. Then, give us your soul. Just kidding (not really). Seriously, though, there are no requirements for membership other than a desire to juggle and have fun. Full-fledged YAGS members pay $5 per year, which gives them equipment borrowing privileges and, as an added bonus, the ability to see through walls.

More Information

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